Most people move from house to house throughout their lives dreaming of "What-if's". What if the kitchen were larger? What if the master bath had a garden tub with columns? These seem like pipe dreams or lip service of unattainable aspects like luxury. Home should be your refuge from the day where you are surrounded by an atmosphere that reflect your personality and are allowed to shake off the day to be with the ones you love. It's probably one of the most personal aspects of our lives, our personal space. To be custom, it involves a professional who is willing to get to know you and openly discuss the procedures and requirements in a way that you can understand but also allows you to be heard. Custom is more than a home plan, it's who you are built into the bricks and mortar of that plan. It's individuality plus functionality. Forget "keeping up with the Jones's", it's your home.

Make your existing home brand new again with a
Major Rennovation

So, let's go back to those "what-if's". You have the structure, you just wish that there was a way to change some things. Aspects built into the home don't exactly make sense to you, reflect the prior owner's tastes or maybe you just need more room. There is a way to make those changes. But we've all been there, you're tossing around ideas for changes with fear that the changes will be too obvious which means more changes resulting in more extensive costs. It truly doesn't have to be that way. If you do your research and find a contractor who will make conscientious decisions, stays abreast of modern building techniques and will allow you to honestly express your concerns, the renovations or additions can flow as though the home has always been what it is when the work is completed. Your builder shouldn't be the boss of what you can or cannot have, they should be the expertise to get it done and keep in contact with you to be sure that they're giving you what you need. All of a sudden, those "what-if's" appear a little more tangible don't they?

Why choose us?

All it takes is a connection with someone who is personable and honest; who cares about your bottom line as much as he/she cares about their own. Thadd Roberts is a conscientious builder who truly believes that in order to have a successful completion, the homeowner has to be thrilled. The communication has to be openly flowing in both directions. He might hold the hammer, but he knows that the focus of that hammer is determined by the homeowner. He feels like his job is more about customer service than anything else and he sleeps well at night knowing that he's done his part. He's only connected with businesses who share his moral standards because he understands that the whole process is ultimately his responsibility. So he works tirelessly to meet goals and exceed expectations while keeping an eye that his associates follow his lead.
Call Thadd today and find out how he can put his expertise and his ethical business model to work for you to create your custom living experience.


"Thadd is one of the most professional builders we have worked with. First of all he builds a beautiful home with many special features you will not normally see in homes of this price range. We have not seen such quality and workmanship in other homes. He has years of experience and prides himself on building homes that make people happy. Thadd will tell you he does not build homes, he only builds houses. “You make it a home”, he says. But his wonderful house became our home the minute we walked in it, so we use the words interchangeably" -Jesse and Lynn McCorvey

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